Greeting from Gus

Greetings to everyone on the BOSCO Newsletter from Gus Zuehlke. It’s remarkable to see how BOSCO has multiplied in sites searchable on Google since we launched the project One thing which has fascinated me is the visits we have been getting on our website from all corners of the world! I hope this newsletter will … Continue reading Greeting from Gus

This will be a great tool to keep closer tabs on progress and opportunities for the project. Thanks for getting it off the ground, Ted! Continue reading

Window to the world

Here’s an article I wrote for ICT Update magazine, which specializes in agricultural uses of Internet communications technologies. The hope is to get the word out as widely as possible about our project!…TedThe war in northern Uganda has driven thousands of people from their homes to live in camps. Now, after a lot of trial … Continue reading Window to the world