BOSCO USA field visit: implementing teacher exchange.

Members of the Board of Directors of BOSCO-USA have spent the past week visiting BOSCO-Uganda projects. One of the main purposes of this visit was to introduce a new program called Classroom to Classroom Collaboration (C2C). Basically, science teachers in the USA and teachers in Uganda work together to collaboratively teach their students about data-gathering … Continue reading BOSCO USA field visit: implementing teacher exchange.

New Beginnings

It looks like I have some very big shoes to fill. The Bye Bye Bailey post made me realize how much Kevin has contributed over the years and become a part of the family. I hope I can offer a smalll slice of what he has! I will join the BOSCO team in mid-March. With … Continue reading New Beginnings


BYE- BYE BAILEY The time now is 1.15am .I have been on my bed, for the last 3hrs and there is no sign of sleep in my eyes. My only companion is my thoughts of your absence in the team and what the first day in office without you meant, so I chose to write … Continue reading BYE BYE BAILEY