BOSCO Uganda’s pioneer volunteer gets ICT job

6 thoughts on “BOSCO Uganda’s pioneer volunteer gets ICT job”

  1. I am sorry that I was not introduced to Okwir Bosco while I was in Pagak in March. But that whole group of young men and women in the BOSCO-War Child Holland Pagak ICT Center were very sharp folks. I am looking forward for many good things to come from Pagak. Congratulations, Okwir!

  2. In the first insidance allow me to register my appreciation to the efforts rendered, it is good and keep it up. Because with this globalized world and information era, computer training is a necesity rather a luxury.My concern is to request you to devise means of giving them more computer course units especially the besic computer literacy which can enable them to be competent.

    Ssewanyana Mathias
    Student of Computer studies.
    From Luweero

    1. Mathias,BOSCOUganda appreciates your opinion.While we guide them on basics, we focus on web 2.0 because technology is ever changing,certain details of ICT unless one has taken it as a career might not immediately serve our local people.We thought our people needed practical hands on experience, relevant to their day to day life. Skills enough for them to meet their daily needs like telling their story,social collaboration and net working,printing scanning.With the help of Internet,wikispaces and blogs, this should go along way in helping them meet their ICT expectations.
      Like any organisation,we all look for a niche where we can help out,this seems a great area in supporting development in education,health and peace building.Social media seems to be the in thing currently.
      We promise to continue listening to you to guide us in our programing.
      Once again thanks

  3. This is great job please lets also think about the blind community because currently at TAKS Art centre we are trying to help Vissually impaired community through the help of David Odwar Lukani The founder and ICT Manager of TAKS(Okello Amos) introducing Computer to the Vissually impaired group of people you can come to TAKS Art Centre behind ACholi Inn Gulu Uganda
    or contact the ICT manager on +256714112807

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