Digital Drum at BOSCO Uganda

A Digital Drum , also known as “the rugged computer kiosk” was on Tuesday, 22nd March 2011 deployed in one of the BOSCO Uganda ICT sites “ICT for Education and Research Centre” in Bardege Division, Gulu Municipality, Northern Uganda with support from UNICEF. The machine made out of rugged drums is accompanied by a solar panel that is mounted on the roof, battery backup and two computers with webcams that are mounted inside the drum. 

Internet lines are provided through inlets at the back of the drum that is mounted on the wall. This installation has proved to be secure, easily accessible and more reliable since it has its own independent power supply system from the solar and battery backup. The overall objective of the “ICT for Education and Research Centre” is : Through the provision of computers and other equipment linked to reliable internet services; training on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and
Functional Adult Literacy (FAL); mentoring; and engaging content facilitating community dialogue; this project will provide urban & rural communities especially in & out of school young people a unique opportunity to actively contribute and
participate in development issues affecting Northern Uganda.

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One thought on “Digital Drum at BOSCO Uganda

  1. Bosco team — This is great news! Glad to see the Bardegge site is going to finally get some use? Is it open to the public yet? And what kind of access will the Gulu public have to the facility? Thanks.


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