Desmond Adupa is a second year student pursuing a degree in information and communication technology (ICT) from Gulu University. He is currently undertaking an internship with BOSCO Uganda. He shares his experience of the internship below.

When you think about interning at an IT company, say somewhere like Bosco Uganda , you may not immediately think of long hours and an extremely stressful and incredibly challenging work environment. After all, some internships are as much about wining and dining impressionable college students as they are about putting interns through the ringer.

But if there’s anything we know about the management and staff and the way they run BOSCO, an internship here likely centers more on proving you belong at the company rather than the company trying to prove how great and fun of a work environment they can provide. BOSCO is admittedly looking to change the Northern region, and only hard and decidedly serious workers need apply.

As it turns out, interning at BOSCO, while challenging, may not necessarily be the gulag of a work environment some might have assumed but we see days filled with work and a rush to meet deadlines though it may not be visible for the outsider. My internship has opened my eyes to opportunities, innovation, creativity and team work that BOSCO offers. All this corresponds to BOSCO’s motto: ‘To Connect People and Preserve Culture”.

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