BOSCO Uganda Installs the 30th ICT Centre

One thought on “BOSCO Uganda Installs the 30th ICT Centre”

  1. Thumbs up for BOSCO Uganda. Great job. When youth are determined to positively impact on society, they can, together they can. I see BOSCOUganda building from strength to strength.
    An Open and peaceful society ready for the challenges of our millennium is in sight.
    BOSCO Uganda has indeed demonstrated that internet access is not a privilege of a few. This is happening in northern Uganda, the once boiling pot of heinous crimes and infrastructural devastation. BOSCO Uganda is in this way rebuilding the north. Imagine all Acholi sub-regional leadership will vote a budgetary line for district ICT development in consultation with BOSCO Uganda???
    Church and State in development in northern Uganda will do miracles

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