BOSCO focuses on providing innovative information and communication technology (ICT) solutions using a collaborative and Internet approach to foster socio-economic development and peace building in rural communities in Northern Uganda.
Building on ICT access and education provided by local partner BOSCO-Uganda and entrepreneurial training pioneered by Educate!, The Connectivity, Electricity and Education for Entrepreneurship (CE3) project is developing an ecosystem approach to energy ownership and sustainability in three pilot sites in post-insurgency Northern Uganda. 
BOSCO staff and volunteers use the sites in our network as staging grounds for a wide variety of community programming. Currently we focus mainly on digital skills training, digital archiving/preservation, and support for entrepreneurial ventures that leverage access to digital technologies. 
Entrepreneurship Education provides people with the skills to succeed. BOSCO-Uganda provides the communities with the opportunity to gain valuable entreprepeuneurial skills through advanced courses, business plan competitions and the Entrepreneurship Club at various ICT Center. These opportunities enhance business skills, gives confidence to aspiring businessmen and women, and provides an environment that promotes socioeconomic development from the ground up.