In addition to providing internet access to a community, the BOSCO ICT Centers also host a wide variety of community programming, run by BOSCO staff and volunteers. Currently, we focus on digital skills training, digital archiving/preservation, and support for entrepreneurial ventures that leverage access to digital technologies.

Trainings and Programs offered at ICT Centers

[accordion_group][accordion title="Leadership and Management Training"]Targets ICT management and community leaders
This training encompasses 6 total modules, designed to equip site leaders and facilitators with the tools necessary to successfully run the ICT Center. This training includes leadership skills, communication, human rights, governance, gender equality, and bookkeeping. [/accordion][accordion title="Basic Maintenance and Management of ICT Equipment"]Targets ICT management and community leaders
This training provides hands-on experience in managing ICT equipment-- including computer hardware and the photovoltaic (PV) system-- and in teaching preventive maintenance skills.[/accordion][accordion title="Web 2.0 and Office Applications"]Targets all community members
This training offers guidance in the areas of computer training which will be most beneficial to helping the community members keep pace with the fast-moving trends of the Internet. Understanding of basic computer and Internet applications allow users to collaborate with both the local and global communities. [/accordion][accordion title="Entrepreneurship Education"]Targets rising businessmen and women
This training is provided in partnership with Accenture Foundation and Educate!. It serves as an introduction to entrepreneurship and gives businessmen and women the knowledge of how to improve their current business or identify a new venture. The skills acquired in this computer-based course include business planning, markets and marketing, costing and pricing, good record-keeping, and business management.[/accordion][/accordion_group]



Leadership and Management Training in Amuru District

These programs are aimed to empower local people in remote areas with marketable skill sets that can open doors to potential careers, and also with the ability to stay connected with the rest of the world outside Uganda.

Connecting Community Sites: BOSCO Intranet

     BOSCO-Uganda has established a collaborative network through an internal content management site (the BOSCO Intranet). The BOSCO Intranet uses a server/client structure, in which the computers in the rural areas function as clients connected to the central server station based in Gulu. This structure provides collaboration possibilities for training and educational materials (including training videos, e-books, chat rooms, forums, etc.). The BOSCO Intranet is an incredible valuable resource for the rural communities. Not only does it provide access to an abundant methods of acquiring information, but also allows locals to contribute their knowledge on a collaborative platform. This gives villages the chance to tell their unwritten story-- sharing concerns, developing solutions, and displaying their history in words. This allows for the history of much of the Northern region to be recorded, and also serves as a type of therapy for some people who are still suffering from the war.

Income-Generating Activities

    Many sites have implemented a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA). In an effort to generate income to support their community center so that the Internet site can remain active, community members can contribute to a fund. Members can then borrow from this fund at a fixed interest rate. The money that is earned through this method is used for the upkeep and maintenance of the ICT Center, thus enabling the community to become self-sufficient and not completely reliant on an outside source of funds. 

     Rural site staff and volunteers have also been trained to type, scan and photocopy documents. If a community members wants to utilize these services, they are charged a small fee. This program also contributes to the site's sustainability and enables the community to support their ICT Center. Each site team is trained in basic finance practices, such as bookkeeping and cash management, to support their work and ensure accountability.