Entrepreneurship Education

     In partnership with Accenture Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, and Educate!, BOSCO-Uganda teaches an Entrepreneurship Essentials course in several ICT Centers. This Entrepreneurship 13645097_1029533513761993_3348138041967728020_nEssentials course imparts valuable knowledge to community members that enhances their business skills, gives confidence to aspiring businessmen and women, and provides an environment that promotes socioeconomic development from the ground up.

Entrepreneurship Club

     The Entrepreneurship Club of Uganda is operated by BOSCO-Uganda through the CE3 project, with support from the University of Notre Dame and Accenture Foundation.

     Entrepreneurship Club Uganda currently has two branches, one in Gulu and one in Coo-Pee, but plans to expand to other regions. Branch club members meet weekly to discuss business ideas, communicate financial opportunities, collaborate on marketing strategies, and stay up to date on current trends. In addition to providing a loan service, where members can contribute to a fund and then borrow at fair interest rate, the Entrepreneurship Club hosts workshops that teach community members marketable skills. For example, a Soap, Candle, and Cake Making Workshop was hosted in Gulu. These skills can be put to use immediately in a business, do not require large initial investments, and produce a significant profit margin for the entrepreneur.

     To get involved, please visit a club meeting or send an email to ecu@boscouganda.com. Visit our club members page or our Facebook page to learn more about our club activities.



Business Plan Competitions

     In conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Essentials curriculum, 13603439_1034057150010327_7242459754726705999_oBOSCO-Uganda organizes business plan competitions. These competitions generate excitement among existing and potential trainees, while also improving the business plan writing and presentation skills of entrepreneurs in Uganda. This exercise can also assist entrepreneurs acquire funding from microfinance institutions.