John Marino (BOSCO-Uganda board member) and Fr. Joe
John Marino (BOSCO-Uganda board member) and Fr. Joe


BOSCO-Uganda and BOSCO-USA have taken on distinct roles since the founding of the company.  BOSCO-Uganda in Gulu handles the day-to-day operations of the organization and employs a local, Ugandan staff.  BOSCO-USA is based in South Bend, Indiana and currently consists of a volunteer Board of Directors who are in charge of the following operations:

Capacity building

BOSCO-USA periodically sends technical staff to Gulu on training trips to stay up to date on the current needs of the community and also to report on the progress of the organization.

Vetting of technology

BOSCO-USA helps to assess the trends of low-power computing and wireless networking equipment, ensuring BOSCO-Uganda remains at the forefront in network-provider technology.

Public Relations

BOSCO-USA actively promotes the mission of the BOSCO organization within the US, specifically utilizing resources from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Fundraising in the U.S.

BOSCO-USA raised the initial capital that kickstarted this ground-breaking organization in Northern Uganda. Currently, the US-based board helps to raise the funds that allow BOSCO-Uganda to continue empowering the people of Gulu and the surrounding districts. To contribute to the BOSCO cause, please click here.

Meet the BOSCO-Uganda Advisory Board