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Member of BOSCO-Uganda's board of directors. Lived and worked in Gulu with our Ugandan staff for two years. Former ND ACE teacher. Now in MPLS.

“Power Africa” initiative could help continent surge forward

By Sarah Lovejoy I heard a familiar voice coming from the radio in a small roadside shop where I’d stopped to buy some airtime. It was US President Barack Obama. More exciting than hearing his voice, however, was the knowledge … Continue reading

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Towers for northern Uganda: BOSCO-Uganda Aims to Expand ICT Infrastructure

He’s installed, repaired, or maintained 339 communications towers worldwide, has a patent for a certain type of cellular tower structure and, already this year, he’s logged over 80,000 miles of international flights. Jim Hulse and his wife Connie have endured … Continue reading

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Three Lessons on Life in Gulu

By Sarah Lovejoy Usually, “we’ve come so far” is just a passing phrase, implying change or growth but not necessarily distance. In reflecting on my past few weeks, however, I discover much of both. I’ve flown 14,603 miles from the … Continue reading

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Alero Training Week Pairs Knowledge with Smiles

-By Sarah Lovejoy This week’s Alero-based Training of Trainers (TOT) is off to a wonderful start. Opening with responses to the question, “What is a computer,” including one man’s first time ever touching or even seeing a computer, the session … Continue reading

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