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Dame in the beginning of June to complete a two-month internship with BOSCO-Uganda. As their time comes to an end, here is what they have to say about their experience thus far: Luke:“When Ellen and I arrived in early June, we were warmly welcomed.

BOSCO Uganda internal Capacity Building

In line with Promoting good practices of organizational development, BOSCO Uganda strives to build the capacity of its human resources in various fields so that they can be knowledgeable and have skills outside their areas of expertise. On Friday 22 July 2016, an internal staff capacity building workshop was held for BOSCO Uganda staff. The workshop was aimed at building the capacity of BOSCO Uganda staff members in ICT, human rights and governance, gender equality, solar and bio-energy

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The training workshop was attended by 24 participants (5 females and 19 males). Eighteen participants (3 females & 15 males) were BOSCO Uganda staff, while and 6 participants (2 females & 4 males) were intern students from various universities across Uganda. The one-day activity started at 9:25am in the morning with an opening prayer, followed by a self-introduction of all participants present. Thereafter an opening remark and an explanation of the objectives of the training was made by the Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Tony Okwonga. Thereafter, a session on Bio-Energy was facilitated by Ms. Joan Nansubuga and Jacob Wokorach who were external professionals/graduates of Bio-Systems Engineering. Then Benson Olobo and Okot Solomon Nono (both BOSCO Uganda staff) facilitated a session on solar energy & ICT. Finally, a session on human rights, gender and governance was facilitated by Robert Komakech and Denis Delaco Oluba. The training sessions were both theoretical and practical. In the theoretical sessions, the facilitators explained the basic principles and concepts associated with their subjects. In the practical sessions participants were taken through the process of making/ using the technology being taught. The training enabled BOSCO Uganda staff members to learn about alternative sources of energy, and to gain knowledge on human rights and governance. If put into practice, BOSCO Uganda staff will be able to start using alternative sources of energy which will not only make them join the fight for environmental conservation, but will also enable them to save money through usage of cheaper and cleaner sources of energy. BOSCO Uganda staff will also be able to uphold and observe human rights and good governance practices in their every day life. The day was not only meant for training, but also provided BOSCO Uganda staff with the opportunity to relax, interact, and bond well with each other. Friendly jokes punctuated the day both inside and outside the training sessions. Most of the staff admitted that the day had gone satisfactorily. The workshop was closed by the Chief Executive Officer, Rev. Fr. Joseph Okumu and all staff departed for their homes thereafter.


In a country where only 15% have access to electricity with a reliability of only 75%, solar energy could be the way to not only a reliable energy solution IN Uganda, but also a clean non-toxic form of energy in an era where the danger of global warming looms ahead. For many years the drive towards clean energy has been a journey often left to state authorities; a the government affair as it stands, not a concern for private organizations. BOSCO Uganda takes the mantle in its contribution to clean energy through the use of solar energy as an environment safe and clean source of energy to underprivileged communities within the geographical confines of northern Uganda.

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Unlike Hydro Electric Power (HEP) energy which is generated from water, Solar energy uses photovoltaic (PV) panels which convert sunlight directly to electricity thus solving the complexity of electricity generation that happens with HEP which uses turbines and other machines. An alternative to other forms of, the durability of solar energy allows a user more than five years of usage Henry Ocan a local solar trader in Gulu town cites a life span of more than ten years of constant usage for a solar panel, a feat he believes makes solar indispensable. “ The fact that solar panels are long lasting, plus the warranty given to buyers as assurance to their quality, makes them worth the expense.” says Ocan. Solar energy usage is a relatively costly venture owing to the cost of panels and battery which are quite expensive pieces of equipment (ranging between 500,000 or even more) depending on the number of watts transmitted. This expense however is not one incurred by the schools and communities which benefit from the BOSCO Uganda CE3 project. BOSCO Uganda partners with schools, communities and organizations. Using the BOSCO Uganda initiated solar energy, schools, communities and organizations are able to have a reliable source of energy. The abundance of solar energy also makes it an important source of energy. According to Union of Concerned Citizens, a science dedicated on-line platform, “18 days of sunshine on Earth contains the same amount of energy as is stored in all of the planet’s reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas”. This quality alone makes solar engery indispensable, a renewable resource that the beneficiaries can exploit without fear of depletion. The fact that solar energy involves zero emissions of carbon emissions with the exception of those that occur during manufacture of panels and their transportation makes it an ideal form of energy to combat global warming. Ivan Rackara is a student of UCU Mukono.


The Entrepreneurship club of BOSCO Uganda yesterday (Thursday 25 January 2016), elected a team of five members who will form a cabinet to allow the smooth running of the club in a meeting that was graced by the presence of Joey Rich who represented BOSCO Uganda. The voting process had been postponed last week to allow the presence of more members especially the females, who were engaged elsewhere to attend, began at 3:20pm amidst excitement under the guiding authority of Samuel Komakech, the instructor of the club who also doubled as the chairman of the electoral process.

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The coting was conducted by “show of hands” where the candidate with the most votes was declared winner. The first post for contention was that of Mobilizer where Samuel Bongomin emerged victor, in a tightly contested race that saw him beat off competition from Moses Adyel and Abdul Akim who both garnered 4 votes; one short of Bongomin’s 5 votes. Jesca Odraru, a small bakery business owner emerged victorious in the next post of Treasurer after her 10 votes surpassed Abdul Akim’s 1 vote, thus making the sole woman on the male dominated cabinet. The responsibility of the club General Secretary was sealed off without contest after Peter Baguma Ogwok the acting secretary general was nominated and henceforth voted unopposed by members of the club who extended his mandate to serve them further. The administrative responsibility of the Vice Chairman of the club was decided by 5 votes which separated the two contestants who vied for the post with Dennis Olwedo becoming the newly elected Vice Chairman after gaining 10 votes to his competitor Constantine Adugunono’s 5 votes. “With the power vested in me as the Chairman of the Electoral commission of the Entrepreneurship club I declare you chairman of the club” affirmed Samuel Komakech in recognition of the newly elected Onono amidst ovation from the members of the club The voting was wrapped up with the final but most sensitive post; (Chairman of the club) where James Onono, a 68 yr. old member of the club was elected to the post with 11 votes defeating Abdul Akim who had vied with him for the post. In his maiden speech Mr Onono thanked the members of the club for entrusting him with the authority to lead them and called upon members to make the club and all its activities successful. He further went on to elaborate the implications of the involvement of members in the week old Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) as an important activity of the club giving a detailed explanation of the meaning of each word. Mr Onono, who has formerly been a member and an advisor for a number of SACCO’s faces the challenge of running a club whose majority of members have never been in any business related organizations but he is optimistic that with commitment and hard work the Entrepreneurship club of BoscoUganda can excel. “My first task at hand is to mobilize members to show responsibility and loyalty for the club to enable us succeed.” He said In conclusion of the hour long process Samuel Komakech the patron of the club tasked the new cabinet to produce a work plan to allow their activities run smoothly. Joey Frich the project manager of CE3 the project that houses the Entrepreneurship club gave an update on the forth coming business plan competition. “I would like to thank you for your patience, in waiting for the competition” he said “We are in the process of coming up with judges who will evaluate the best business plan for the competition which might be scheduled after elections.” In reaction to the election Bwambale a member of the club expressed his support for Mr Onono who he believes can deliver. “Mr. Onen comes with experience that is currently lacking in our club” he said. “I believe that we can succeed under his guidance” he added. The meeting was gathering was closed with the presentation of Business plans by Jesca Odraru and Samuel Okot who were the remaining members of the club who had not yet submitted in presentations to back up their business plans which comprised of Bakery and Ox Plough businesses respectively. 01