The youth search for peace

One of the greatest tragedies of the war in northern Uganda over the past twenty years is the devastation it has inflicted on the civilian population and especially on the youth. Throughout most of the conflict, the LRA rebels employed a strategy which terrorized those living in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps by abducting youth—both … Continue reading The youth search for peace

The possibilities!

After only a few weeks working in the idp campss, I am already beginning to understand the complexities of development work. Whenever a service is provided or a material item is provided to people who are in very vulnerable situations, such as the internally displaced persons around Gulu, the implications of this give-take relationship can … Continue reading The possibilities!

Farewell Philipp!

BOSCO has lost a fine asset in Philipp Glaser, who is now returning to his home in Europe. Philipp served one year in a volunteer position as our local network administrator in Gulu. In his time in Uganda he trained a team of local technicians, taught community members how to make use of the BOSCO … Continue reading Farewell Philipp!

Kevin and Matt in Kampala

Kevin arrived in Kampala early this morning; Matt’s plane from Newark was delayed, and he missed his flight from Amsterdam. He’ll arrive on July 10th shortly before 1 pm, and the two of them will travel with Stefan to Gulu later that day. It will be great for the collaboration to have both Kevin and … Continue reading Kevin and Matt in Kampala

Greeting from Gus

Greetings to everyone on the BOSCO Newsletter from Gus Zuehlke. It’s remarkable to see how BOSCO has multiplied in sites searchable on Google since we launched the project One thing which has fascinated me is the visits we have been getting on our website from all corners of the world! I hope this newsletter will … Continue reading Greeting from Gus

This will be a great tool to keep closer tabs on progress and opportunities for the project. Thanks for getting it off the ground, Ted! Continue reading