Investing in communities is paramount to BOSCO – Uganda since it helps to get community perspectives on ICT4D. By engaging communities to discuss strategies they would use to jealously guard the equipment installed by BOSCO – Uganda and sustain the community centres is a strategy BOSCO is using to avoid the mentality of donor dependent and advocate for holistic community development.

In this community dialogue, respondents discuss some of the many responsibilities they carry to keep the equipment donated to them by BOSCOUganda safe. The issues mentioned include the basic maintenance of the equipment, sustainability of the centers to avoid donor dependent. Communities then formulate possible solutions.

BOSCOUganda team meet Coo-pe community.

Coo-pe Youth Information Centre is one the oldest community site and BOSCO Uganda always refers to for their commitment and the level of community support, both youth and senior elders jealously guard the equipment.

Sustainability is a powerful and far reaching concept that requires local interpretation, definition and articulation. The increasingly higher demands on development projects to make a significant contribution to the sustainable development agenda make an early identification of the constraints, opportunities and requirements essential.

BOSCO initiative for Sustainability supports communities with the management of sustainable development at every stage of the project. In particular BOSCOUganda service for the preparation of a community ICT4D sustainability strategy through dialogue provides communities with an excellent start to successfully address the sustainability agenda.

Right – Stella (Project Coordinator), Middle – Peter (Technical Advisor Horizont3000), hear from Mzee Edward

After community meeting, Stella and Peter project coordinator and the technical adviser respectively had a chance to hear from senior community member (Elder- Edward)  who shared his perspective on community responsibility and sustainability. He said “I always guard the equipment installed by BOSCOUganda, especially the Antenna on the community water tower; I have been questioning people who come to climb the tower at late hours, and sometime even arresting them because this is a community property” Mr.Edward added that he offered the land where the community water tower is planted and currently BOSCOUganda mounted antennas for the P2P wireless connection.

BOSCOUganda community responsibility and sustainability strategy  ask the right questions: What are we doing?  Dose community know what we’re doing? What outcomes do we want to sustain? What are the fiscal needs? What are the management needs? Who champions this initiative? Who else do these outcomes affect?  Whose interests does this support? After asking these critical questions, BOSCOUganda then develop broad-based relationships/partnerships that foster collaboration. Involve all stakeholders:  parents, in-school and out-of-school youth , community members and community leaders, school administrations. BOSCOUganda does this to include short and long-term sustainability goals.

Fr. Joseph (right) chat with Local Leaders LC1 (centre) and Stella (secnd left)

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