On Tuesday 25th September 2018, all roads led to Madiba Hotel and Conference Centre where there was a heated debate between Pagak ICT Centre and Amuru-Lamogi Old Boys & Girls Association, all from Amuru District.

The Topic for discussion was “Low female Participation”. Discuss. The aim of this Public debate was to enable the community ICT centers that BOSCO Uganda supports to demonstrate the skills of ICT, Build public speaking skills, Educate the audience on the subject matter and to motivate others through an exhibition of their ICT skills to register and take learnings in ICT.

Floor Speaker: Akwongo Joyce, Amuru Lamogi ICT centre
Floor Speaker: Akwongo Joyce, Amuru Lamogi ICT centre

Some of the key points that the debaters advanced reasons for the low female participation at the different ICT centres included but not limited to;

  • Low level of education among the rural  girls that gives them very low interest to learn ICT
  • Ignorance on the benefits of ICT among the youth as they haven’t been sensitized on how ICT can benefit them.
  • Inferiority complex among the girls in rural areas.
  • Parent’s influence-deny their children  to learn ICT
  • Distance in accessing the limited ICT centres  in the community
  • Patriarchy system Patronage system-where men dominate all activities at the center without encouraging the girls to actively participate.
  • Lack of Role models in the rural communities to motivate others to take up ICT learning.
  • Too much domestic chores that leave the girls occupied at all times hence no time to move and learn ICT.

However, some of the possible solutions advanced by the debaters included;

BIIRA EL-SHADDAI, Primary Seven Pupil debating
  • Introduction of various games that can attract women
  • Girls should be assisted with Beads making and certificates
  • Parents should be trained on advantages of computer
  • ICT should be located I places were female may not fear
  • The computer centre should be located near on next to girls can early access.
  • Promoting feminism
  • Setting own role model
  • Exchange visits
  • Promoting girl child education
  • Community Sensitization on Gender Equality.
  • Promotion of girl’s child education
  • There should be promotion of gender equalities

Remarks from Judges

  • The Speakers were expressing themselves very well in English
  • Most future leaders are likely to be female
  • The debaters should know that the debate was meant to raise more points to enable BOSCO Uganda to plan form the future.
  • Appreciation to the main speakers to accept to participate in the debate. This helped to meet the philosophy for the Public debate.
  • The debaters were supposed to raise points and as well raise point on how to address the challenges.
  • Acknowledge the fault of not carrying the constitution of the 1995 constitution
  • The use of ICT skills was well done this should continue to grow.
  • Time management was not well managed for everybody.
  • The points raised were very good and had examples to back it up.
  • There is need to prepare and organize in time to portray what is inside us.
  • There is need for BOSCO Uganda to prepare enough budget to avoid equipment failure.
  • Debaters should avoid use of slangs
  • There is need to work on our challenges internally especially female participation at BOSCO Uganda,

Best male speaker: Jimmy Odok 13 Points

Best female Speaker: Awori Jackie 13.7 Points

Runners up 43 Points Pagak ICT Centre

Winners 56.4 Points: Amuru Lamogi

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