Thursday and  Friday 30/31-August 2018 was the start date for this very important Knowledge management workshop that HORIZONT3000, one of the longest funding partner of BOSCO Uganda had organized.

This workshop that attracted over nine partner Organization in and outside Kampala was held at Green Valley Hotel in Gaba, One of the busiest outskirt town of Kampala, Uganda.

Knowledge management by definition refers to the process of acquiring Knowledge, knowledge organization and subsequently knowledge dissemination. The main objective of Knowledge management within an Organization is that Its to contribute to a visible improvement of living conditions and strengthening or right of marginalized people in Africa and Central America. This is a program that HORIZONT3000 requires of all its partner Organization in order to improve operations and strengthen efficiencies and effectiveness in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Austria and Central America where its program partners exist.

The workshop was facilitated by a very humorous consultant from Natal Province of Kenya called Mr Obando Ekesa who employed a participatory approach to this particular knowledge outcome harvesting.

The nine partners Organization who participated in this workshop were; Uganda Children’s Centre (UCC) Kampala, Caritas Masaka Diocese Development Organization (Caritas MADDO), Caritas Tororo, Youth Advisory Rural Development (YARD) from Buikwe, Cultural Research Centre (CRC) Jinja, Human Right Network (HURINET) Ntinda, Kampala, Women Rights Network (WORINET), Ntinda , PACHEDO, Gulu and BOSCO Uganda, Gulu.

Knowledge management has three Key result areas name;

  1. Learning and Sharing. This mainly involves both intra and external learning either organized by and among partner organizations or by HORIZONT3000 and partners take part in the learning. Examples of training that HORIZONT3000 organized for its partners in 2017 were; Advocacy, Governance & Policy Dialogue training, Do no harm training. While partners can organize exchange visits in Key result areas with another partner doing a similar implementation and some learning and changes are made as a result of such visits
  2. Internet Platform- Provide efficient information so as to further the work of partners. Under this platform, Partners can share knowledge and learning amongst themselves on good practices for others to learn from.
  3. Organizational development. -improves structures and processes that should demonstrate how you serve the people. In addition, its demonstrated the changes that normally come in Organizations as a result of the Technical Advisors within the Organization and normally, they have a T.A toolbox from where they shop for positive changes in the organization where they have been sent.

Conclusively, the workshop was very wonderful especially for partners who made new networks, understanding the scope and thematic areas of other partners and above all, how the Knowledge management was perceived and implemented.

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