Training of Sub County Borehole Pump Mechanics

Last Saturday 16/3/2019, BOSCO Uganda conducted a two days’Digital data collection training for three Paimol Sub County pump mechanics, Agago district. This training follows the development of the Web-based and Mobile android applications.

The borehole status data collected using an androids application developed is automatically synchronized to a web-based system that alerts pump mechanics to take action to fix a broken Borehole.
This came through a partnership deal that BOSCO Uganda got into with Trocaire.

This ICT4D venture is an expansion plan into the region of Paimol Agago District neighboring Karamoja through BOSCO’s innovative technology approach on WASH (Water And Sanitation Health) component in the strategic plan that is particularly adapted to suit and benefit rural communities and institutions.

The rural communities of Paimol in Agago district now access water information easily online via: . The borehole status is updated on a regular basis through a mobile application running on a smart phone and automatically synchronized to the Web based system locally hosted by BOSCO Uganda at its main Office in Gulu

The main aim of this system in the long run is  ensuring rapid sharing of information and respond to access to water problem,and accountability.

Furthermore, duplication of intervention amongst development agencies will get minimised while encouraging the community members to use ICT in the developmet of thier own society.  As this is a new development in the area, stakeholders in agago district are familarizing themselves with the system functionality.

As means of a lasting ownership and sustainability of this systems, the trained sub county pump mechanics will build the capacity of; water users, sub county water board members, Health Assistants, community development officers, with different access levels at a later stage of this development. 


BOSCO Uganda’s first activity consisted in implementing an ICT pilot project, that provided Internet and VOIP connection for 6 internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. Due to the rich success of the project, BOSCO expanded its operations and currently supports 48  ICT points with over 12,630 [ beneficiaries, in Acholi and Lango sub-regions and now in the refugees settlment.

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