• Community networks – BOSCO continues in its tenth year of providing community network services, in its role as a private network operator, to community sites in northern Uganda. This role includes provisioning Internet & Intranet services, in addition to education in ICT literacy and digital inclusion. Sites connected to BOSCO services include schools, libraries, community centers, Mosques, Churches, radio stations, etc…


  • Trainings – BOSCO program staff train community members, young and old, male and female in the use of ICTs and technology based skills, like office software and even some web development. Training programs also include entrepreneurial training using both instructor led and computer based training using various packages, such as the Accenture Entrepreneurial Essentials program. This has led to the development and growth of entrepreneur clubs in northern Uganda.


  • Sustainable energy – Through the deployment of microgrid solar electricity systems, BOSCO is a leader in the north in the expertise of micro and mini-grid solar systems, including the operations, maintenance and business operations of these microgrids for their anchor clients.


  • Internet connectivity in northern Uganda – BOSCO has been a key partner in discussions with Nethope, USAID and other players in designing and provisioning expanded Internet services in the north in response to the South Sudanese refugee crisis. You are probably well aware of this endeavor.


  • UNICEF ICT centers – BOSCO is installing 25 ICT centers in some of the refugee settlements and host communities. This effort is funded by UNICEF.


  • Smartphones for refugees project – This program is under development with a variety of partners, including Techfugees, NGOs and Community Based Organizations in Rhino Camp (refugee settlement).


Emergency fund