BOSCO-Uganda and BOSCO-USA have taken on distinct roles since the founding of the company.  BOSCO-Uganda in Gulu handles the day-to-day operations of the organization and employs a local, Ugandan staff.  BOSCO-USA is based in South Bend, Indiana and currently consists of a volunteer Board of Directors who are in charge of the following operations:  

Capacity building
BOSCO-USA periodically sends technical staff on training trips to Gulu; BOSCO-USA has also supported the work of a full-time Gulu-based communications envoy to report on-the-ground progress in Gulu.

Vetting of technology

BOSCO-USA is engaged in assessing the trends of low-power computing and wireless networking equipment and passes on equipment recommendations to BOSCO-Uganda staff. BOSCO-USA is also involved in shipping some equipment for deployments to Uganda.

Public Relations

BOSCO-USA actively promotes the BOSCO project in the US with media outlets and in various communities.

Fundraising in the U.S.

BOSCO-USA raised the initial capital to start the project and is involved in fundraising to support the work of BOSCO-Uganda in Gulu. To donate to BOSCO, click here.