Check out this documentary on BOSCO Uganda’s efforts towards Breaking the Silence in Northern Uganda…a journey to sustainable development.

One Thought on ““Breaking the Silence”-BOSCOUganda”

  • I met with Father Joseph and scholar, Ronald Atkinson at the Cathechist Center is Gulu and was very impressed with the work going on with training for computer literacy. I am coming to Gulu in July 2010 with women from teaching professions who would like to know more are so how to become involved in this computer learning. I am working the Lina Zedriga and our companions organizatiots in Guganda and USA are called THARCE-Gulu…..Trauma Healing and Reflection Center – Gulu. Can we meet with you, Father Joseph, again, and hook some of the people with whom Lina works into this computer literacy program? The IT man working with Lina on computer literacy for THARCE-Gulu is Chriss Baguma at He is in Kampala, but will be in Gulu in July.

    Judy Dushku – Boston, MA USA

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