Capacity Building

BOSCO Uganda has not only stopped at setting up the community ICT centers but in its bid to connect people while preserving culture. BOSCO Uganda trains the community on basic use of the computers, how to communicate using the computers through the internet since the world is a global village. BOSCO Uganda also trains its beneficiaries with the basic entrepreneurial skills which the interns apply it to help them come up with small projects and finally BOSCO Uganda has trained its beneficiaries on how to set up and maintain solar energy equipment since they are going towards the green/renewable energy.

Figure above shows a sustainability training at Gwok Ma Inongo ICT center in Kokil, Paimol sub-county, Agago district attending a basic entrepreneurship skills training which they later put it into action by starting up a small business of petrol buying and selling, produce buying and selling among others to their community.

Stocked petrol for sale.