BOSCO among first round winner in Africa Rural Connect contest

The mandate of BOSCO Uganda is to achieve Rural Literacy through Innovative Web 2.0 ICT use in the Post conflict Northern Uganda. Basing of the level of illiteracy, the accessibility of the internet facilities to the rural communities is the solution and rapid to the information sourcing and sharing, hence an improve in the literacy … Continue reading BOSCO among first round winner in Africa Rural Connect contest

BOSCO Uganda wins Prestigious Breaking Borders Award

Battery Operated Systems for Community Outreach (BOSCO) Uganda wins prestigious BREAKING BORDERS AWARD in recognition of its excellent work in technology and the promotion of free online expression. Santiago, Chile — May 6-7 2010 — BOSCO Uganda has been awarded a Breaking Borders prize created by Google and Global Voices and supported by Thomson Reuters. … Continue reading BOSCO Uganda wins Prestigious Breaking Borders Award

in pabo.

Alfred hard at work simulating an antenna set-up outside Pabo for a mini-doc on BOSCO’s work. Christopher setting up for a Google Maps/Wikispace training at the Pagak Peace and Information Centre. Continue reading in pabo.

New Beginnings

It looks like I have some very big shoes to fill. The Bye Bye Bailey post made me realize how much Kevin has contributed over the years and become a part of the family. I hope I can offer a smalll slice of what he has! I will join the BOSCO team in mid-March. With … Continue reading New Beginnings


BYE- BYE BAILEY The time now is 1.15am .I have been on my bed, for the last 3hrs and there is no sign of sleep in my eyes. My only companion is my thoughts of your absence in the team and what the first day in office without you meant, so I chose to write … Continue reading BYE BYE BAILEY

Blog posting by email

Hi, all.  I'm Tom Loughran, a science educator from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, USA.  I've been involved in the BOSCO project for the past four years, but haven't yet been to Northern Uganda.  I'm heading to Gulu shortly, and want to be able to post updates from that trip.  So … Continue reading Blog posting by email