Alero Training Week Pairs Knowledge with Smiles

–By Sarah Lovejoy This week’s Alero-based Training of Trainers (TOT) is off to a wonderful start. Opening with responses to the question, “What is a computer,” including one man’s first time ever touching or even seeing a computer, the session wrapped up with photo editing. The BOSCO team expects continued success throughout the week-long training, … Continue reading Alero Training Week Pairs Knowledge with Smiles

Thursday, 18th April Job Advert by BOSCO-Uganda

BOSCO-Uganda Job advert-Announcements BOSCO-Uganda is seeking to recruit 3 (Three) suitably qualified personnel for the positions of Project Assistant (Technical), Project Assistant (Training) and Accounts Assistant to contribute to the implementation of specific components of the Programme Intervention. Interested candidates may send their handwritten applications along with a copy of CV, names and contact details … Continue reading Thursday, 18th April Job Advert by BOSCO-Uganda

Archbishop Odama of Gulu Wins Another Peace Award

Archbishop Odama, 4th from right, during the inception of BOSCO-Uganda

Gulu Archbishop John the Baptist Odama recently received the 2012 Peacemaker Award in Gulu, Uganda presented by World Vision to commemorate the International Day of Peace. Archbishop Odama has been a staunch supporter of BOSCO-Uganda since its inception. As the leader of the Gulu Archdiocese, Archbishop Odama has provided outstanding leadership and guidance to BOSCO-Uganda over the past five years. Continue reading “Archbishop Odama of Gulu Wins Another Peace Award”

A local ICT site thrives North of Gulu

Coope Information Centre, one of the longest standing BOSCO-Uganda sites, is currently thriving with an active volunteer base, plenty of locals wanting to be trained, and expansive plans for the future. In fact, the local community is so invested in this project that some members of the community have come forward and donated their own land to the project for future use to build a larger structure to house the ICT equipment. Continue reading “A local ICT site thrives North of Gulu”

ICT as a tool for peace building and community building

The Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative group (photo from

One of BOSCO-Uganda’s main objectives has always been to provide a medium through which local communities could build relationships. This medium, of course, is a solar-powered PC with access to the Internet as well as an Intranet that connects all BOSCO-Uganda sites across northern Uganda.

Yet, the job is so much more than just providing the physical ICT infrastructure. True development work is never about just showing up with a piece of equipment, installing it, and saying goodbye forever; it’s just the opposite. Each community that BOSCO-Uganda equipment resides in has its own needs, its own personality, and its own ways of using ICT to improve lives. Continue reading “ICT as a tool for peace building and community building”

BOSCO-Uganda wins another award!

ACIA E-Services Award

On May 18th, BOSCO-Uganda was awarded the Rural E-Services Award and was 1st Runner Up in the Exhibition Competition for the Annual Communications Innovation Award (ACIA) organized by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). Launched in 2011, the award “aims to create a channel for identifying, generating interest and recognition of various stakeholders in advancing availability and access to modern and innovative communications services.” Continue reading “BOSCO-Uganda wins another award!”

5 Years Strong!

It’s been nearly 5 years now that BOSCO has been in Gulu, Uganda working with local rural communities to deliver solar powered ICT solutions and Internet capability to the villages. Inveneo was instrumental in our first deployment of our computing stations in 2007. And it was great to stumble across their Flickr feed and see a BOSCO … Continue reading 5 Years Strong!