Great News: Coope ICT Centre Is Growing

Mzee Edward Okello shows BOSCO’s Stella Akiteng around the plot of land donated for future ICT use

Coope ICT Centre has recently acquired donated land from a long-time resident, Mzee Edward Okello and his family. The Coope ICT site has been one of BOSCO-Uganda’s longest operating and most successful sites, with a number of dedicated volunteers and community training staff working hard everyday to bring the benefits of the Internet to their local village residents. Continue reading “Great News: Coope ICT Centre Is Growing”

Severe storms in Pabbo damage a BOSCO-Uganda partner school

The damaged roof from the secondary school rests in a nearby tree

Recently, severe storms in Pabbo severely damaged a secondary school where BOSCO-Uganda currently provides ICT access to secondary school students. During the heavy wind and rain, a large section of corrugated roof was torn from its wooden support beams, leaving much of the school exposed to the elements. The damage to the school could be in the thousands of dollars (USD). BOSCO-Uganda equipment was moved to a location in Pabbo that can continue to be accessed by the students and general public. Donations for repairs are welcome and can be found hereContinue reading “Severe storms in Pabbo damage a BOSCO-Uganda partner school”

BBM Visits BOSCO-Uganda

On February 24th BOSCO-Uganda hosted a delegation from BBM, a procurement/trading organisation for MIVA-Austria. MIVA-Austria has served the Catholic Church’s mission in the fight against poverty and underdevelopment around the world. Johannes Winkler, the chairperson of BBM and colleague Demmelbauer Norbert of BBM met with BOSCO staff to discuss BOSCO-Uganda programme activities, especially as it … Continue reading BBM Visits BOSCO-Uganda

BOSCO-UGANDA Shares Breaking Borders Award in Technology with Communities

On behalf of the people of Northern Uganda His Grace Archbishop John Baptist Odama, was pleased to accept the Breaking Borders Award for BOSCO. He noted that Northern Uganda is recovering from the over 22 years of war and relentless cultural scouring. Children have grown up almost without hope, seemingly without a future, confronted with the threat of enlistment into child soldiery or sexual slavery, and with the certainty of growing up without the minimal conditions necessary for inheriting the richness of their culture and promise of their land. Continue reading “BOSCO-UGANDA Shares Breaking Borders Award in Technology with Communities”

A Japanese Team visits BOSCO Uganda

Learning about the history and program content

On Wednesday, 6th April 2011 a group of Japanese young people and adults led by Prof Nagayo Sawa of the University of Tokyo (Department of Arts and Sciences; Human Security Programme/ Anthropology) visited BOSCO Uganda in Gulu, Northern Uganda. The visiting team on study tour had interest in learning more about the BOSCO Uganda program Continue reading “A Japanese Team visits BOSCO Uganda”

BOSCO Uganda “ICT for Education & Research Centre”

Front of the “ICT for Education & Research Centre”

BOSCO Uganda is implementing an “ICT  for Education and Research Centre” Project in Bardege Division, Gulu Municipality in Northern Uganda.

Currently, with the mission to provide innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions using a collaborative and Internet approach to foster socio-economic development and peace building in rural communities in Northern Uganda. Continue reading “BOSCO Uganda “ICT for Education & Research Centre””

Digital Drum at BOSCO Uganda

A Digital Drum , also known as “the rugged computer kiosk” was on Tuesday, 22nd March 2011 deployed in one of the BOSCO Uganda ICT sites “ICT for Education and Research Centre” in Bardege Division, Gulu Municipality, Northern Uganda with support from UNICEF. The machine made out of rugged drums is accompanied by a solar … Continue reading Digital Drum at BOSCO Uganda

Doing exams without desks and chairs? What does the future hold for these children?

Children are the greatest asset of the nation.   For public-private partnerships to live up to their potential of bringing many benefits to the education sector, they must be well designed. Research reveals that the environment can enhance or diminish a student’s ability to learn. Environment is in this case is defined as a … Continue reading Doing exams without desks and chairs? What does the future hold for these children?

Children are the future

Children involvement in BOSCO Uganda Programme If we hope to solve the world’s major problems — achieving world peace, healthy lives, economic development, and global sustainability — we must provide richer learning opportunities for the world’s children. An educated and creative population is, without a doubt, the best path to global health, wealth, and peace. … Continue reading Children are the future

Enhancing Communication for Rural Development

In partnership with UNICEF, BOSCO Uganda handed over 2 laptops to Unyama National Teachers College (Unyama NTC) in Gulu District-Northern Uganda on Monday, 27th September 2010. Under the UNICEF Small Scale Fund, BOSCO Uganda is consolidating five existent sites (Unyama NTC, Choope Community Site, Lacor Primary School and Pabbo Comprehensive School) by adding more computers, … Continue reading Enhancing Communication for Rural Development