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BOSCO-Uganda would like to wish all our partners and users in Uganda and around the world a Happy New Year!

2012 was another successful year for BOSCO-Uganda as plans were made for future expansion into new areas in northern Uganda and key partnerships were secured that will help us bring innovative ICT solutions and entrepreneurial training to new and existing locations across northern Uganda.

As we move toward 2013, BOSCO-Uganda would like to thank all of the users and community trainers across rural northern Uganda who are truly the backbone of our organization. The community trainers are trained by our Gulu staff and then take their ICT knowledge out into the rural areas to train their fellow community members.

We would also like to thank our partners in Uganda and around the globe for supporting our mission as well as for providing resources to make our work possible.

We are also excited for our newest venture as a partner to the University of Notre Dame and Accenture in an initiative to provide surplus solar power through micro grids with ICT support to foster entrepreneurial training and activity in rural areas.

Have a safe and happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2013!

Alfred works to install the BOSCO-Uganda network in Coope
Alfred works to install the BOSCO-Uganda network in Coope

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