Community Participants at the Event

As a result of the over two decades of civil war in Northern Uganda, Positive cultural values and norms of the Acholi people quickly vanished as people were confined in internally displaced persons’ camp (IDP).

Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry ICT Centre
Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry ICT Centre

The informal schools of the Acholi young people like the Wang Oo (Fire Place) where stories, tales, folks, Songs, Traditional dances and ancestral linkages would be told to young people as well disappeared leaving the young people with NO points to learn about their cultures, practices, norms, and values.

It’s therefore upon this background that BOSCO Uganda would like to transform the Oral tradition in to written so that it can be archived for this and future generation to learn from hence the Community Cultural Event in Agago on 27th September 2018.

LAYOWISU Preparing for presentation of their Acholi Recipes
LAYOWISU Preparing for the presentation of their Acholi Recipes

The participants in the Community Cultural Event (CCE) were from the greater parts of East Acholi Districts of Kitgum, Lamwo, Pader, and Agago. These are Community ICT Centres that BOSCO Uganda supported over the years to learn ICT, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Skills, and Basic Maintenance and now Culture. The ICT Centres that participated were; Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry, Kitgum Youth Development ICT centre, Kitgum, Peace Together Uganda, Pader, Latanya Youth, Orphans  and Widows Services Uganda (LAYOWISU), Pader, Lira Palwo ICT Centre, Agago, Gwokke Keni PHAs & OVCs Network, Agago, Gwok Ma Inongo Farmer Field School Paimol Network, Agago and the host Superstar Football & Netball Club, Agago

Key activities of the Community Cultural event were; Cooking Competition

Team of Judges for the event
A team of Judges for the event

(Processes and presentation of finished products), Storytelling and traditional dance presentation from various community groups in Agago District.

As it was a very competitive event, a team of three Skilled Judges had to make tough decisions as to who won in the two categories of Cooking competition and Storytelling competition. The winners were;

Cooking Competition Category

  1. Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry ICT Centre-Winner of the food Cooking category 
  2. LAYOWISU-1ST Runner-up of the food Cooking category 
  3. Gwok Ma Inongo Paimol Network-2nd Runner-up of the food cooking category.
Acholi Tradional Dishes, Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry
Acholi Traditional Dishes, Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry
Gwok Ma Inongo Paimol Acholi Tradiitonal Dishes
Gwok Ma Inongo Paimol Acholi Traditional Dishes





Story Telling Competition Category

  1. Gwokke Keni PHAs & OVCs-Winner of the Story Telling Category-Winner
  2. Padibe Lamwo Archdeaconry ICT Centre-Runner-Up
  3. LAYOWISU –Second runner-up


Community Participants at the Event
Community Participants at the Event

Connecting People, Preserving Culture

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