In partnership with UNICEF, BOSCO Uganda handed over 2 laptops to Unyama National Teachers College (Unyama NTC) in Gulu District-Northern Uganda on Monday, 27th September 2010.

At Unyama NTC: From Left; Watulo Stephen Martin-Lecturer at Unyama NTC, Ochieng Ogolla-Unyama NTC Deputy Principal, Stella Akiteng-BOSCO Uganda Project Coordinator and Sr. Betty Grace Atim-BOSCO Uganda Finance Administrator and Accountant

Under the UNICEF Small Scale Fund, BOSCO Uganda is consolidating five existent sites (Unyama NTC, Choope Community Site, Lacor Primary School and Pabbo Comprehensive School) by adding more computers, and installing more solar panels and wireless internet equipment. Among others, the beneficiaries from over seven sites are equipped with basic ICT skills and also engaged in global developmentĀ  issues through on-line forums like BOSCO wikispaces