Entrepreneurship Club Uganda

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Club of Uganda. This club is operated by BOSCO-Uganda through the CE3 project, with support from the University of Notre Dame and Accenture Foundation. To receive updates about the entrepreneurship club, please like our Facebook page.

The CE3 project, short for "Connectivity, Electricity and Education for Entrepreneurship", is a joint initiative between BOSCO-Uganda, Notre Dame's Initiative for Global Development and Accenture Foundation. This project seeks to boost economic development in Uganda by providing clean energy, internet connectivity and free IT & business trainings to aspiring entrepreneurs in Uganda. The CE3 project provides entrepreneurial trainings at secondary schools and also at community sites. The Entrepreneurship Club Uganda (ECU) is the non-school component of CE3's entrepreneurship training program.

Entrepreneurship Club Uganda currently has a single branch in Gulu, but plans to expand to other regions. Gulu branch club members meet weekly on Thursday at 3:30pm at Bardege ICT Library, adjacent to Kaunda grounds and next to Bardege subcounty office. To get involved, please visit a club meeting or send an email to ecu@boscouganda.com. You can also contact one of BOSCO's CE3 staff: Joey Rich (0775772847) or Robert Komakech (0775141532) for more information.

Check out our club members page to learn more about our club activities.