My name is Oyet Patrick, L.C1 Laming Onyiko village, Golo parish, Latanya sub-county, Pader district (30.8.2018).

I am writing about two main problems here in my areas of leadership

a) Clean Water problem for my people and

b) Network Problem (phones)

First of all, clean water problem here is very common, simply because of few functional boreholes drilled in Latanya sub-county and Laming Onyiko village where I am the chairman L.C1 . I request for any development partner who is directly concerned with clean water drilling to come and help my people from this problem.

Secondly, Network problem in Latanya sub-county. We don’t have any mobile telecommunication network booster like for MTN, Africel, Airtel e.t.c. I therefore also request those responsible companies to come and rescue us from mobile network problem.

I conclusion, I also would like to request BOSCO Uganda to continuously maintain our computer and if possible solve our power problem at Latanya computer centre.
I greet you all my story readers.

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