An article on my health journey Written from Gwokke Keni ICT Center (13/06/2018)
My name is Jane Margaret Adong aged 53, Lango by tribe but an Acholi by marriage, a resident of Oporot Central, Patongo Town Council, Agago district-Uganda. I am the Chairperson of the above group.
I tested HIV positive in 2002 from Kitgum Hospital, I could not believe my results but doctors confirmed to me. There weren’t any drugs and other services for the disease a part from counselling. My condition worsened and I was referred to Lira Regional Referral Hospital where doctors counselled and treated me well and they put me on drugs in September 2003.
This drugs I was buying from JCRC Mengo, Kampala expensively, transport to and fro Kampala plus the cost of the drugs was worth UGX 300,000/=(Three hundred thousand shillings only) for one month so I bought the drugs only for one year there after I left the drugs because there was no money.
I stayed for 3 months then I started developing what they called Crypto Meningitis and TB of the born which affected my lumber region, it ate the born between lumber region 4 and 5 and made me disable, they use to carry me using stretcher from the hospital but from home am carried using wheelbarrow. I thought I would remain in that same condition but sincerely there is no condition which is permanent.
When I was admitted in Lira Hospital for the second time with that condition of Crypto I saw a place with people putting on white robes and they have wings. They told me that Margaret! you used to sing and start hymns in the church, could you begin a hymn number 146 Luo version which says,” Our God our help in ages past.”(Lubanga in Lakony mewa) so we sung with these people, who I believe they are angels for long, thereafter something came to my mine telling me that, you are dead! That was the time I woke up I found many people crowded crying others are praying including clergies. They called me by my name and I responded using non-verbal communication. That is how I came back to life I was dead according to people for me I did not know we were just praising the Lord.
When I was discharge from the hospital I came back home and decided to come out and tell people that HIV/AIDS is real I am a living testimony. I did this because there is a proverb in our local language which says; “Labul wic bedo ata” which means the person roasting the head of a beast is never in a hurry.
I never wanted my people to be like that so we disclosed our status my husband and myself started the organization GWOKKE KENI PHA & OVC NETWORK. I THANK GOD FOR THIS.

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