Expanding Bosco Uganda Internet/Intranet Network Access to the Rural Remote Communities in Northern Uganda  

BOSCO-Uganda is now providing an efficient communication infrastructure as well as access to information as one of the vital pillars for innovation, creativity, economic opportunity, peaceful coexistence, recovery and development in North-Uganda through the FIRE Africa project, The project has enabled BOSCO-Uganda to provide free Internet access to additional 7 existing free entry remote ICT youth centres in Northern Uganda. This will enhance Internet access to all community members irrespective of sex, gender, age, language, religion or physical abilities. The project is also contributing to rural development as it aims to enhance socio-economic growth whereby farmers can now advertise for their goods and communities are now learning about new innovation and creativity from other parts of the world. BOSCO Uganda is achieving this by installing point-to-point network infrastructure to connect these remote places, with the expansion of  intranet access which is rich in content the rural communities are now having access to some good offline content using the network link.