Impact: Connecting Communities by University of Notre Dame-Centre for Social Concerns 2010 Annual Report


April 2010: Breaking the Silence – BOSCO Uganda in 90 seconds. This short movie describes the work of BOSCO Uganda towards ICT in rural Northern Uganda – and was also shown during the award ceremony of the Breaking Borders Awardin Santiago de Chile.


August, 2007: BOSCO Uganda, ICTs Bring Ugandan Together.¬†Fr. Joe, Executive Director of BOSCO Uganda, discusses BOSCO’s role in the region.

“Bardege ICT For Education & Research Centre” Site: A Dream to improve services to special needs persons !


April 2, 2010: Bosco Uganda, “ICT – a Holistic Approach” . Jokondino Okema, Site Manager, Lacor Primary School, Amuru District testifies.


March 19, 2009: Inveneo, The Inveneo Effect. This short film, edited by Drew Davison, shows the impact Inveneo is having in Africa. The Africa footage was shot in Uganda (Kampala, Gulu, Pabo and Unyama) and Rwanda (Muhura). Footage in Gulu, Pabo and Unyama is of BOSCO network users.


Youth of Pagak Youth Centre display their music talent for awareness creation