The majority of families in post conflict Northern Uganda have returned to their original villages and are engaging in intensive agriculture, the main source of income and food.

Although there is relative peace, Children are still the most vulnerable the majority  are orphaned, family heads and school drop-outs. Girls are married off at an early age, and/or exposed to prostitution.

To avoid idleness and encourage constructive use of themselves, BOSCO Uganda engages these young people in the established Information & Communication Technology (ICT) centres, where they are equipped with basic ICT skills through a collaborative Web 2.0 approach.

BOSCO Uganda believes risky and anti-social behaviour like Prostitution, Child Labour, theft and other forms of abuse should be prevented or minimised. The Web 2.0 approach challenges young people, both in and out of school, to hold their  destiny in their own hands as they are equipped to confront challenges and exploit opportunities that come their way.

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