Throughout my life, the skill of knowing computer kept on haunting me. Though I could move to the next level of education, I could never feel okay. It was like something was still missing in me. Immediately I sat for my A-level in 2011 from LIRA PALWO SS, I could keep on staying with my dad who is an electronics technician and sometimes move to look at people operating computers at some computer centres imagine moving 10km from home.

I always thought from within myself that people who learned computers started at their earlier ages and could be a tag of war when you are big yet it was never too late for me to mend. All of a sudden BOSCO-Uganda did their survey in our area through church of Uganda and they were given a hall where they were to install computers. That was in 2012.
Before installation of these computers, some four members from Lira Palwo were to be taken to BOSCO-Uganda’s office located at the Catechist Centre, Gulu Archdiocese for one-week computer training. I was one of the selected members. My heart become so calm and I would feel happy within myself. I never knew computers were only boxes with some smaller electronic components attached to the motherboards. I presumed computers were so complicated that I could not be in position to comprehend its context.

On coming back from the training, BOSCO-Uganda brought for us three computers on 11th July 2012 where we started training members as TOTs. My fellow trained TOTs left for different jobs but for me I could feel I still lack many things.

In 2014, I applied for a scholarship through War Child Holland for computer training where I added the skill of computer installation and knowledge on database management using ACCESS application. Later our former coordinator for BOSCO-Uganda named KOMAKECH DANIEL taught me the skill of music production. I am still doing more practice on music production though I still face many challenges in editing recorded voices, getting some music production equipment and a room with sound proof.

I feel I am about to reach my goal through music production since I loved music when I was still a little boy. I learned playing many instruments yet I was not even taught. I could do all on my own. But I still need support to make my goal a successful one.
Now on computer these days I can carrying out many services, I always make sure I do something new on computer and it has become part of me, so many people these days look for me for assistance. From zero I have become a hero through BOSCO-Uganda’s project of “Connecting people and preserving culture”.
I learned that to be counted successful, you too have to help others succeed. Congratulation to BOSCO-Uganda and their staff for lifting me to my long awaited destiny, your success is mine too, May the Almighty God suffocate you project with blessing in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Chairperson Lira Palwo ICT Centre

— at Lira Palwo ICT Centre.

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