From Right to Left (Mr. Vijit, Fr. Joseph and Peter) – BOSCO Gulu office

On Wednesday 11th of May 2011 Mr. Vijit Ratnarajah,  Chief Technical Advisor of the ICT program for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO-Business Information Networking) visited BOSCOUganda on official mission focusing on the approaches BOSCOUganda is using through ICT to  foster development and peacebuilding in Northern Uganda. In the picture above Mr. Vijit chatting with Fr. Joseph the Director of BOSCOUganda and Peter Fruehwirth the Technical Advisor with Horizont3000

BOSCO UGANDA staff meet with UNIDO official at Gulu office

Mr. Vijit had round table discussion with BOSCOUganda staff where he shared with the staff the roles of UNIDO in development and he also learnt about the history and the work of BOSCOUganda through the staff.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has established the Business Information Centre (BIC) programme, as an impact-oriented, pro-poor initiative that caters to the needs of rural entrepreneurs. UNIDO is already running 8 ICT centres throughout Uganda. As United Nations Secretary – General Ban Ki-Moon noted that “Information technology plays a key role in fostering development”. Indeed, BOSCO Uganda believes that ICT is not only transforming the way we live, work and interact. It is also a fundamental component in the achievement of key goals for development and peacebuilding.

Alfred Kilama with his hands up explains the technical components

The technical Assistant Mr. Kilama Alfred, explains the technical aspect of ICT4D

Mr. Ali Fadul (R) and Mr. Vijit (L)with B

After the meeting with BOSCOUganda staff, Mr. Vijit also visited Coo-pe site where he interacted with the site Manager of Coo-pe site Mr Ali Fadul. Fadul shared with Mr. Vijit the benefits which community of Coo-pe are reaping from rural connectivity installed by BOSCOUganda “Farmers have increased their productivity and efficiency, and Coo-pe information centre have also facilitated linkages to local market” Said Fadul.

Mr. Vijit on behalf of United Nations Industrial Development Organization congratulated Fadul for volunteering with BOSCOUganda and  praise BOSCOUganda for bringing ICT to rural villages which enable small business farmers to effectively use ICT to discover the potential benefits these new tools can bring to their lives.

The rural ICT connectivity continues to empower communities in northern Uganda to do what they want, it has also made people to become creative, productive and learn things they did not think they could learn, for example: accessing news papers online, collaborating with other people through social media. Communities where BOSCOUganda operates in Northern Uganda continue to give moral support to BOSCOUganda and fully understand their responsibility of jealously protecting the equipment installed by BOSCOUganda to foster community development and peacebuilding.

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