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  • ICT Education in the Community
  • CE3 Programme - (Connectivity, Electricity, Entrepreneurship

BOSCO Uganda - Connecting People, Preserving Culture

Building Community Networks

In a bid to connect communities, and Preserving Culture, BOSCO Uganda Started a community network based on ICT powered by Renewable energy (solar Power)

ICT Training in local Communities and in the refugee camps

Empowering People Socially and Economically through Hands on Training in Liquid Soap, Candle and Cake ... BOSCO Uganda's thematic areas of operation are; ICT and computer education for rural communities; ICT for sustainable rural Development

CE3 - Connectivity, Electricity, Education and Entrepreneurship

Talking about Solar installations, BOSCO Uganda is developing her capacities to reach to the community with clean and affordable energy for development

Welcome to BOSCO Uganda

Battery Operated System for Community Outreach(BOSCO-Uganda) is a faith based, Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO) That is located in the Gulu Archdiocese Northern Uganda. It began in 2007 as an effort to put wireless and VolP telephony into the internally dispalced persons’ (IDPs) camps of Northern Uganda, in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Gulu.

CE3 – Connectivity, Electricity, Education, and Entrepreneurship

Only 15% of Ugandans have access to grid electricity, and it is only 75% reliable for those who are connected. BOSCO-Uganda works with the University of Notre Dame alongside the Accenture Corporation to design, implement and monitor a new approach to rural energy access. Building on ICT access and education provided by local partner BOSCO-Uganda and entrepreneurial training pioneered by “Educate”!


On Saturday 16 April 2016, the ECU – Entrepreneurship Club Uganda, sponsored by BOSCO Uganda held its first business plan competition at Bardege ICT Centre. The ECU was formed on Tuesday 12 January 2016, by 44 graduates who had completed the Entrepreneurship Essentials Course. The ECU is an initiative of BOSCO Uganda and aims to […]

BOSCO Uganda internal Capacity Building

In line with Promoting good practices of organizational development, BOSCO Uganda strives to build the capacity of its human resources in various fields so that they can be knowledgeable and have skills outside their areas of expertise. On Friday 22 July 2016, an internal staff capacity building workshop was held for BOSCO Uganda staff. The […]