BOSCO Uganda in Conjunction with Peace Together Organized a Community Fair that took Place on 31st Sept 2nd Oct 2015. The event aims at bringing youth from the various ICT centres together for experience sharing, online blogging and dialoguing on controversial issues that affect community members. The event featured;- Community Evening Bond fire (Wang-oo); Radio Talk Shows; Traditional Dances; Role Plays and Dialogues on Alcoholism, Land disputes and Gender Based Violence among others. Communities came up with several measures to address the above vices.

On alcoholism, the suggested measures include:- Preventing young people from getting involved in the sales and abuse  of alcohol; reduction in alcohol intake by parents, prioritizing children education, refraining from sales of harvested crops for alcohol consumption and respecting children rights, among others.

Regarding Land Disputes, the action points suggested include;- Clear demarcation of land boundaries, avoiding discrimination of orphans and widows regarding access to land; involvement of different categories of leaders (Religious, LCs and Traditional leaders) in handling land disputes; constituting Legitimate Council to handle land disputes; avoiding Corruption and biasness when handling land disputes, adopting  family planning to reduce on scarcity of land, upholding the principles of mutual respect, honesty, love and valuing one another during land disputes among others.

Finally on Gender Based Violence, key resolutions included;- Respect, love and listening to between Husbands and wives; resolving family conflicts with the support of immediate family members as mediator; revival of the traditional Evening Bond fire (Wang-oo) talks  to discuss and resolve family matters; Promoting Christian principles of love, peace, and unity in families and communities; valuing and prioritizing families; involvement of local and Religious leaders in handling Gender Based Violence.

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