On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Bosco members officially launched the Entrepreneurship Club at Bardege ICT center. Bosco’s Entrepreneurship Club, an initiative of the CE3 project kicked off at 3:15pm and ran until around 5:30pm. It was attended by 20+ participants who were mobilized through radio announcements, word-of-mouth marketing around Gulu town, and advertisements posted on public notice boards.

The program commenced with a short prayer, followed by a self-introduction of all participants and Bosco members. Welcome remarks were made by Mr. Tonny Okwonga, Joey Rich, Lino Ogora, Pamela Lanyero and Samuel Komakech. Komakech led the program and then opened the club up for discussion by giving participants a chance to ask questions about the entrepreneurship club & training program.

Bosco Uganda Entrepreneurship Club aims to bring aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners together to create a community where entrepreneurs can collaborate and share successes and challenges with each other. One of the main activities of the Entrepreneurship Club is the Entrepreneurship Essentials class based on the Skills to Succeed curriculum developed by Accenture Foundation and specifically tailored towards Ugandan entrepreneurs.

As members of the Entrepreneurship Club, participants will:
• Have the opportunity to gain knowledge and expand their business skills.
• Learn about opportunities for business loans, accounting best practices and more.
• Network with entrepreneurs and business leaders in their community.
• Develop and get feedback on their business plans.
• Practice pitching their business ideas by presenting to the club.
• Find a local mentor, or get a mentor through Accenture, one of America’s top professional consulting firms.
• Hear about local entrepreneurial success stories and get inspired!

On Tuesdays and Thursday, the Entrepreneurship Club will sponsor Entrepreneurship Essentials trainings which will be conducted by Samuel Komakech. Samuel is a former secondary school teacher who has been specially recruited from a large pool of applicants to facilitate the Entrepreneurship Classes at Bardege.

The participants who attended were both optimistic and excited about the possibility of learning new business skills. Among them were people who already had experience in running businesses and were eager to learn more. Participants were excited at the possibility of learning about avenues through which they could access credit.

The CE3 team also encouraged participants to ensure that their membership to the entrepreneurship club lasts beyond the completion of the training. One of the CE3 team members likened their post-training participation in the entrepreneurship club to active alumni of academic institutions.

In addition to Entrepreneurship Essentials trainings, the Entrepreneurship Club will be inviting prominent business individuals to talk to the participants and share their experiences in business.

At the start of the launch, the weather was fair with a scorching hot sunshine suffocating Gulu Town. But as the launch went along, the skies opened up and rain poured down. It was still raining after more than two hours of interaction between the participants and the CE3 team. As the Acholi believe that rain on any event is a blessing, we can safely assume that the CE launch has taken off on a good note!

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