IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Inspirational Quotes From 3 Participants Of The Entrepreneurship Essentials Course

In this brief blog post we would like to share with you three very brief quotes from three participants who have joined BOSCO Uganda’s Entrepreneurship Club which was formally launched on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. Bosco Uganda Entrepreneurship Club aims to bring aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners together to create a community where entrepreneurs can collaborate and share successes and challenges with each other. One of the main activities of the Entrepreneurship Club is the Entrepreneurship Essentials class based on the Skills to Succeed curriculum developed by Accenture Foundation and specifically tailored towards Ugandan entrepreneurs.
Over 20 members are currently undergoing training in business skills at Bardege ICT Centre. On Thursday 12 November, three members of the club were asked to share their experiences and how they felt about the club. In their own words, the three members had the following to say:

Jesca, Club Member, Student and local businesswoman based in Gulu: I welcome the visitors of BOSCO. I am Jesca. I am a business lady; I have done my business for about four years. I started by doing vegetable growing where I would grow vegetables like spinach. I would sell the vegetables to middlemen in Gulu town. But overtime I decided to start selling the vegetables myself. I studied from senior one to senior six and then I went for a business course but did not complete. I therefore had to look for another way of doing business. I am currently undertaking another course in Business Studies at Cavendish University. I learnt about the entrepreneurship club when I had come to the ICT Centre to read. At around 3 – 4pm people were organizing themselves for a class and I asked what it was. I learnt that free entrepreneurship skills were being given to members of the public so I joined. The EE classes have helped me to enhance my business skills. One time a brother of mine wanted to give me a business opportunity and he asked me to make a business plan but I could not do so. Now I can draw a business plan after only two weeks on the course. I currently sell tomatoes and as a result of attending this entrepreneurship course I have learnt that I can enhance my business through tasks such as branding and value addition. I now know that I can for example add value to my business by making tomato sauce and selling it to avoid losses as a result of my tomatoes going bad. The major challenge that many people have is the lack of capital but I have learnt that you do not require a lot of capital in order to start a business. I encourage everyone to come and I also encourage my fellow classmates to share ideas and experiences in order to enhance their skills.

Robin, Club Member & Student: I love this EE course because it is practical. If I complete my studies and fail to get a job in future then I can simply start a business. When I was still a student I did not realize that the skill of entrepreneurship could help me. I now know that starting a business is not a big task. You can start with whatever little capital you have.

George, Club Member and Local Businessman based in Gulu: This region (northern Uganda) was affected by conflict. It made the youth to become lazy and loath agriculture. Entrepreneurship and business skills are therefore an opportunity for them to find alternative employment.

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