On 9 December 2015, BOSCO Uganda came to a standstill as all staff headed to the The Recreation Project Center, located in Lacor, Gulu Archdiocese. In a day packed with fun activities, staff members, led by CEO Fr. Joseph Okumu spent the day participating in a number of structured physical activities aimed at promoting teamwork and reducing work place stress.

The Recreation Projects offers programs that build important life and character skills accomplished only through outdoor adventure and sports. The project offers high and low ropes courses, a zip-line and climbing wall, and a number of other activities that help to promote and develop organizations and individuals.
The Recreation Project relies on experiential learning as the foundation of its programs. Simply put, experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience—it is a learning process that uses a person’s whole mind and body. By facilitating experiences in the forest and on the ropes, participants are empowered to solve a number of challenges afflicting them and their organizations.

For an organization such as BOSCO Uganda, the recreation project helps to strengthen teamwork, foster better work relationships, help staff to know each other outside the work place, relieve work stress, and generally promote bonding of staff.

Staff members participated in a number of activities ranging from simple games such as memorializing each other’s names, fun tasks such as whizzing down a zip-line, and complex tasks such as climbing a 50-foot-high wall.

Pictures of the event can be accessed at:

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